How to Improve Your Singing Voice: Catapult your Singing Ability

Are you looking to find out how to improve your singing voice? Whether you’ve been singing for years and want to reach that next level or you’re a new beginner wanting to start out on the right path, it can be tricky finding rock solid information on how to sing better, especially when you don’t have the funds for expensive vocal coaches and singing lessons. The alternatives to hiring a vocal coach certainly aren’t scarce, but with numerous different articles, books and courses out there, it’s difficult knowing where to begin.

Fortunately, I might be able to help. I recently came across a course that personally helped me drastically improve my vocal ability.


Firstly though, let me tell you a little bit about myself and my quest to improve my singing voice. I’ve been passionate about singing since I was in my early teens. While I never took it seriously until recently, it was always a fun past time for me and helped cheer me up at those low points in life.

Recently, I started a band with three of my friends, with me taking the role of lead vocals and playing rhythm guitar. Unfortunately, I started to notice weaknesses in my voice and I wasn’t performing at the level I wanted to. It was fine when I was singing for fun for my own benefit, but I now had other people relying on me and didn’t want to let them down and become the weak link in the band.

I had several issues, but my vocal range, shaky voice when moving from low to high notes and my lack of vocal power were the major issues that were bothering me. I had several “learn to sing” type courses and, while some had solid advice, I felt myself hitting a brick wall in terms of progression and wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I just wasn’t improving vocally. It started to hurt my confidence and affect my performances. I started to worry I’d embarrass myself on stage.

That’s when I decided it was time to try and work on my voice. I wanted to be able to sing with freedom and have the control and power to sing higher notes without strain, while maintaining a great sounding tone. Namely, I wanted to achieve maximum results and reach my peak and smash right through it.

Certainly, hiring a vocal coach was probably the best option. However, they’re expensive and my funds were limited. Plus they’re not all created equally and I might have wasted my money on hiring a dud. Plus I wouldn’t be able to immediately go over the same material if I misunderstood anything like I would with a book or video course.

I never took a liking to learning how to sing from a book. I always found them overly technical and their inability to provide live examples of the vocal exercises discussed made them difficult to follow and implement in my experience. There was also the option of the free information and singing lessons you can find online. However, while there’s some great information out there, most of it comes in the form of short singing tips type articles and videos that don’t go into depth. Plus having to search for each separate issue I was having was frustrating.

I wanted a one stop shop containing everything I needed to know on how to sing better that wouldn’t involve expensive singing lessons or hiring a vocal coach. I also wanted it to come with videos that clearly demonstrated the techniques and vocal exercises within.

Lastly, I didn’t want something that took the traditional learn to sing approach that involve going through vocal scales over and over again. I wanted a method that was more exciting that would inspire me to continue.

One day a friend suggested a course called “Superior Singing Method”. He said his sister had great success with it. I thought I’d check out the website and see if it was something I was interested in.

You can check out the website for it by clicking here.


Superior Singing Method

The website claimed it was an all-encompassing system to develop you into the singer you’ve always wanted to be. The creator of the course is called Aaron Anastasi, a vocal coach and professional musician for over 20 years from Los Angeles, California. The page also states he’s worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. However, he doesn’t mention who these people are and I was rather sceptical about this.

He claims he was a terrible singer when he was younger, but worked for years to try and figure out what works when it comes to how to improve your singing ability. He provides an overview of his method, breaking it down into three parts: vocal agility, resonance and mastering the mixed voice. Apparently focusing on these three areas in the correct manner were the key to drastically improving my singing voice.

Rather than continue to talk about his own success, he provides an example of how one his students named Kira was able to utilise his method. She apparently came to Aaron prior to an upcoming vocal performance she had coming up. She was worried that she didn’t have the vocal power to give a great performance and lacked confidence because of this. This sounded similar to my situation. Aaron provided her with singing lessons and took her through his method. She later contacted him and thanked him, stating she’d noticed a tremendous improvement in her voice in just six days.

Noticeable improvements within six days sounded too good to be true, but seeing as some other singing tips I’d come across in the past improved my voice radically, I knew there was some truth to improving your vocal performance in such a short period of time. There are a number of other similar stories mentioned too from a member of a choir to a karaoke fan achieving their goals.

He even answers the question: can anyone learn to sing? Claiming the vocal chords are muscles and cartilage and like any other muscles they can be trained strengthened. By following his process you essentially build muscle memory and improve your pitch, tone, vocal power, control, resonance and agility.

I thought, mainly based on my friends’ recommendation that I’d give the course a shot.

Once my payment had gone through I was able to download the course straight away. The main course is divided into eight steps, each designed to follow the preceding step. There’s a lot of material. However, there’s a quick start course available to explain how to follow the course and get the most out of it.

The first two steps focus on retraining your voice and developing the best habits for an optimum performance. They cover some of the fundamentals and, while I was aware of some of this material, the parts previously unknown to me were enlightening. There were also several things I’d been doing wrong and I was able to correct them by following the advice.

Steps three to seven each focus on a different element of singing technique, covering tone, pitch, resonance (using the reverberation inside resonators) and singing with power, developing your mixed voice and vocal agility. This was all useful and fascinating stuff, especially the material on developing your mixed voice. Indeed, going from low to high notes was an issue I’d been struggling with while performing. Fortunately, Aaron was able to help me and my voice is no longer shaky and it doesn’t break either as I transition from low to high notes anymore.

If you’re looking to better your singing voice, these sections certainly provided me with an answer.

The last step is on vocal strengthening exercises. Essentially this step covers everything previously mentioned in the course and provides vocal exercises to take your voice to the next level. It even includes exercises to improve your vibrato.

As you’ll probably guess from my tone above, I really liked the course. It’s straightforward and the exercises are easy to follow in video format unlike those pesky books. What makes it great though is that Aaron is very passionate. He isn’t one of those dull traditional types who inspire you to sleep rather than work on your vocals. Within two weeks I’d noticed a drastic change in my vocal ability, my friends even started complimenting me and telling me how far I’d come.

I’d certainly say if you’re brand new and want to learn how to sing correctly, you’ll see improvements within days. For those who have some of the fundamentals down already, it’ll take a bit longer because the material further into the course will have the biggest impact on improving your voice. The course is step by step and you need to follow it in the order presented, so please don’t jump ahead because you’ll miss out.

While I’m certainly no Billy Joel or Prince, I’ve certainly seen a great improvement in my voice since going through this course. I can deal with more complex songs and approach them with confidence. I’m no longer worried about been the weak link or letting my friends down.

Certainly, while this course might provide a path, it isn’t the key to your singing success. That falls down to you and how much effort and practice you’re willing to put into improving your singing voice. I’m sure someone with the correct determination and effort would be able to succeed with a variety of different training methods. However, I’d certainly recommend Superior Singing Method as a short cut. I followed it and saw results, so I have no doubt you would too.

The other point worth mentioning are the different bonuses you receive, including material on vocal health, singing in harmony, marketing your own music and lots of other material. There’s also a few extra steps provided on more advanced forms of vocal agility training and developing your head voice. Unfortunately, I can’t honestly comment on these bonuses at this time because I’ve yet to go through them. I thought I’d mention them though.

The course is $97 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with it. I suggest you go check out his site, which provides a cool video providing more information about the course and some details as to why vocal agility, resonance and the mixed voice are central to singing to one’s full potential. It’s worth a watch and should provide some new information on how to improve your singing voice, even if you don’t buy the course.

Click here to be taken to the products website.

Anyway thank you for reading my story and I wish you every success with your singing efforts.

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